Thursday, February 26, 2009

Man Utd Vs Inter Milan (1st Leg)

Whoaa .. !!

What a match between Man Utd and Inter Milan ..
They both like to attack, attack and attack..
My hopes for Man Utd getting a win was not accomplished..
They only get a dissapointing 0-0 draw away from their home..
They'll need to prevent from losing and getting a draw at Old Trafford..
Their next match will be in a 2 weeks time..

But Man Utd deserve the win more than Inter Milan yesterday..
They outplayed and outclassed Mourinho's men superbly..
Who would have known Fergie's decision to play Berbatov as a Lone Striker..??
Also credit to Julio Cesar, Inter's goalie, for making numerous incredible saves to prevent Man Utd from scoring...
And also to Cristiano Ronaldo .. !!
He's been on a superb form in a superb match to put on a superb performance from the very superb start until the very superb end..LOL ..!!! :D
Superb Sentence..

That's all i've got to say today..
I will try my best to put the highlights of the match into my blog..